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If you think there may be a demand for a traditional seminar offering in your area, please contact me by email or call me at (850) 294-2252.


(Currently available for Exams P, FM, and MLC)

Format: The HCWT seminars take place at your company and consist of traditional lecture and question and answer sessions covering all material tested on the actuarial exam. The P and FM seminars are 2.5 days each, and the MLC seminar is a 5 day seminar. There is a 2 person minimum for each seminar.

Cost: The cost of the P and FM seminars is $475 per participant, and the cost of the MLC seminar is $850 per participant. Discounts may be provided for large groups. In addition, reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred will be invoiced at cost to the client. These expenses will include costs related to travel, including meals and lodging.

Materials needed: I recommend that participants purchase a study manual prior to the seminar. I will be happy to advise you on what manual to purchase. My seminar notes are provided free of charge; please see the links below.

Advantage of HCWT seminars: Since I will be coming to your office, I can give more one-on-one attention and focus the seminar to your associatesí needs. Also, since students will be attending the seminar with co-workers and not strangers, they will be more comfortable asking questions, thereby creating an atmosphere that will be more conducive to learning. Additionally, there is a cost advantage since travel expenses will be paid for me rather than for several associates.

Please contact me by email or call me at (850) 294-2252 if you are interested in having a HCWT seminar at your company.

Seminar Notes

The notes below are provided to help you prepare for the P, FM, and MLC exams. The information and formulas in the notes are available in any of the textbooks on the suggested reading lists for the corresponding exam, or any study manual for the exam. In most cases it is not necessary to memorize the formulas for these exams. It is better to develop intuition so that the formulas make sense to you and you are not blindly memorizing them. The overwhelming majority of the formulas for actuarial exams, especially the MLC exam, have verbal interpretations that make them easy to remember. I will help you with the intuition and verbal interpretations in my seminar.

Please let me know of any mistakes or typos you find in these notes. Also, if you have suggestions for improvements I would like to hear from you. Please see my FSU webpage for all of my contact information.

Seminar Notes for Exam P

Seminar Notes for Exam FM

Seminar Notes for Exam MLC

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